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Pattern Review: Cottsloe by Megan Neilson


I was thrilled when I was asked to review the Cottsloe Pattern by Megan Neilson. I had seen it come across my feed several times and was particularly impressed by the versatility. People were making bathing suits, sports wear, separates, the options seemed endless.


Fabric: I decided to make this out of Carolyn Friedlander designed fabric that I picked up at Beetle and Fred, my local quilt and fabric shop. This jersey has approximately 65% stretch with 92% recovery. There is a 50% stretch lengthwise. So its technically going to be a sunbathing suit!


Construction: Construction was easy and straight forward. If you haven’t made underwear or swimwear before I recommend checking out Megan Neilson’s VERY helpful sew-along and youtube videos from lingerie makers. Having sewn lots of intimates in the past, I think this is the perfect starter pattern. Its simple and straight forward enough for novice makers. Take your time and don’t rush through the elastic portion! If you are having difficulty with the pattern I strongly suggest watching videos on the portion that you are having difficulty with. The instructions on this pattern are better than most. However, much like sewing zippers and buttonholes, you have to practice to get the techniques just right.


Pattern Instructions: Having made under wear in the past I was already familiar with the techniques needed to make this suit. Adding elastic and finishing it came pretty easily. I has some small difficulty with serging the 1/4 in seam but I managed ok. I decided to use the zig-zag stitch instead. I normally switch to a straight throat plate for such small seam but because this was a finishing technique I had to use the regular throat plate. This resulted in the fabric getting swallowed into the machine a few times. I had to remind myself to go a but slower, that solved the issue immediately.

Pattern Review: Eucalypt Dress and Top by Megan Neilson Two Ways!

Pattern Review: Eucalypt Dress and Top by Megan Neilson Two Ways!

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